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Check a web form changes

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Hello everyone,

I have a web form with several sections, each section has several values displayed in a list, form is refresh every several minutes. After refresh, some values can be removed or new values can be added in each list of each section.

I want to create a script to check if there are any new entries in each list of each section. If there are new entries I want tot pop up a message window. For example, if there are new entries in section 1 I want a yellow pop up window, if there are new entries in section 2 I want a red pop-up window and so on. Can you please guide me?

Thank you!

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Hello and welcome.  I would look at the browser UDFs.  The IE UDF is well documented in the help file but you can search the forum for Chrome or Firefox.  Checking every so often could be accomplished with AdlibRegister (check the help file for that too).  If you get a start and post some code to show what you have done folks will usually jump in and help you overcome places where you might get stuck.

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