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I’m trying to manipulate a Blue Socket Controller (BSC) through its web interface.  I can open with IE and log in, but then the entire page gives no info tool difference except for pointer coordinates.  I can’t ControlClick the Maintenance link.  I’ve tried using _IELinkClickByText to click the Maintenance link, but I haven’t gotten it to work.  If I can get that to work, the next hurdle will be to manipulate a couple of drop-down menus to get the device to reboot on a schedule. 

Arguably worse: so far, I’ve been using the Send command to work the interface and that requires an active window.  My understanding is that this won’t work with a locked console.  I’d like to be pointed in the direction where I can write a script that can be run by Task Scheduler to execute the “reboot tomorrow at <time>” while the console is locked.  I’m looking for ideas for how to have a server perform this task on the BSC on a daily basis.  Alternately, I f I can get a script to work on an Active window, I can just run my script during the day rather than manually doing it (I’m a slow, analog person), and weekends be damned – weekdays only is how it’s being done now, and manually.  If anyone knows of any command prompt ways to do this, that would be great.  My online research has been fruitless so far.  All ideas are welcome – no need to write code for me, just point me in a good direction and I’ll be grateful.  And, as always, thanks in advance.  This forum is awesome!

I intended to post my “code so far,” but I find I don’t have a copy here at home.  Suffice it to say that I open the web interface, log in, and can’t seem to manipulate the interface beyond that. 

Ideally, my workplace would buy a BSC with better features, but, alas, the budget is what it is, and if we can get the reboot scripted there will be no need to upgrade the BSC for now.

Thanks again!

Meds.  They're not just for breakfast anymore. :'(

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I'll see what I can find.

Meds.  They're not just for breakfast anymore. :'(

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