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Help with ConsoleRead()

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I'm not sure if this can actually be done.

I'd like to make a console application that outputs a prompt and then waits for user to input a single key and then acts on it while ignoring other keys (beep at the user if they are pressed), like choice.exe does in batch files.

I started out just trying to get ConsoleRead() to accept a single key press as input but I can't figure out how to get it to accept a key without the user pressing enter. The below (simplified) code captures the user input but it requires enter to be pressed.

Can single-key input read be done with ConsoleRead() as I describe?


$s_input = ""

ConsoleWrite("Input? ")

    $s_input = ConsoleRead()
    If @error Then ContinueLoop
    If @extended <> "" Then ExitLoop
Until $s_input <> ""



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I would suggest you use HotkeySet instead, or (if you want your hotkey response to be window-specific) embed your console in a gui (example, example) and use GUIsetAccelerators.

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Thanks, RTFC. I'm doing this to help someone maintain some old batch files they want to re-use for a 64-bit Windows PE environment (where choice.exe has no direct replacement and using "set /p" requires the extra keypress of an enter key). My initial preference was to re-write the batch files with an AutoIT GUI but then I would be stuck maintaining them. :blink:

I will try to build something for them with HotKeySet if I can find the time, else they have to use "set /p" for now.

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