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I have the problem, I've just read a guide of AutoIt, but I don't know how to make one thing.
I need to get on specific adress of the site, but if this adress will change while I will request it (for example, if i will send an adress http://mysite.com/somearticle and it get changed to http://mysite.com/error) the program will close. Else, if the URL will stay normal, program will continue. I know the "if" functions etc. but I dont know command to write the potencially changed adress to the variable.
Could somebody help? I know that my question may be from deep basic, but i really dont know. Also sorry for my bad english. Hope somebody help me.

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Thanks for quick response!

I would show my code, but... It's empty. I have to start with the conditional "if", but i dont know any http command... I need to do this only in program, not in browser, and as i said, when i will send request adress, it should return the same adress, but else, it will stop the program. That's analogic to enter the adress in the adress bar in browser for example http://www.google.pl/somethinghere , but when I will enter the adress and then the adress will change to http://www.google.pl/somethinghere?error, the program will exit. If the written adress will stay (when I will write http://www.google.pl/somethinghere and the site will load without changing adress) program will do another instruction.

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