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I am trying to extract a date and time from a website using InetRead.  The source for the page I am reading shows the date and time as shown below.  I need to somehow extract the correct date and time from this information.  Is there a function or calculation that will do this?  The source shown here correlates to 15:20 (time) 29.03.17 (date).

<div class="cell game-date" data-time="1490818800000">
    <div class="site__time" data-time="1490818800000">
        <div class="time"></div>
        <div class="date"></div>
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Link the page and I'll try to help.  I'm not sure reading the source is a good way to extract the date or time.

Also, what browser are you using?

I'm not particularly good with websites, but I'll test my luck to learn and help you.

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Thanks for the reply Xandy.

Link to the page in question:

I have Internet Explorer v11 installed.

In case it helps, here is a script that will download the info I want and display the array.  The only problem is getting the time and date to display properly.


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@Mark917 you seem to have walked right past the forum rules on your way in. I suggest you take a moment to read them before you post again, specifically the part about game automation, and you will see why this topic is locked. You will not receive help on this subject. Hope to see you again with a legitimate topic.

√-1 2^3 ∑ π, and it was delicious!

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