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resolving data-time

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I am trying to extract a date and time from a website using InetRead.  The source for the page I am reading shows the date and time as shown below.  I need to somehow extract the correct date and time from this information.  Is there a function or calculation that will do this?  The source shown here correlates to 15:20 (time) 29.03.17 (date).

<div class="cell game-date" data-time="1490818800000">
    <div class="site__time" data-time="1490818800000">
        <div class="time"></div>
        <div class="date"></div>
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Link the page and I'll try to help.  I'm not sure reading the source is a good way to extract the date or time.

Also, what browser are you using?

I'm not particularly good with websites, but I'll test my luck to learn and help you.

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Thanks for the reply Xandy.

Link to the page in question:


I have Internet Explorer v11 installed.

In case it helps, here is a script that will download the info I want and display the array.  The only problem is getting the time and date to display properly.


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