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Hi all,

I was wondering if you can help me with the function called; InetRead().
My scripts are using this function a lot for several conditions and everything works fine!

But sometimes when the server is a little bit buggy of simply not available my script is hanging.
It takes about 90sec before this function returns a Timeout, when i adjust the parameter it still is hanging about 90sec.

The following script is a example where the script is hanging for aprox. 90sec;

; Set Timeout to 2sec
AutoItSetOption ("TCPTimeout", 2000)

; Read Website

; Show Msgbox before Ending Script.


The following script is a example where the script show the Msgbox pretty fast;


; Set Timeout to 2sec
AutoItSetOption ("TCPTimeout", 2000)

; Read Website

; Show Msgbox before Ending Script.


My question now is, what am i doing wrong and/or is there a other way to prevent Hanging the script?

Thanks all :)


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Hey Guys,

Searching multiple forum Topic's i realized that a timeout option isn't coming soon on this function.
So i created a simple alternative for the InetRead Function.

My function is first looking for the domain prefix by using the _URLSplit() Function from SmOke_N (Thanks! :) )
Then the function simply tries a InetGet on this domain withhout waiting for it, and starting a loop for Timeout.

If InetGetInfo is receiving a Download Complete command the function is relaying the complete URL to the original InetRead() function, then returning the Data.

For yours to use if needed, it is working perfectly here :)

#include <InetConstants.au3>
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
#include <WinAPIFiles.au3>
#include <array.au3>

; Read Website

; Show Msgbox before Ending Script.

Func _InetRead($IR_URL,$IR_OPTIONS = 1,$IR_TIMEOUT = 2000)

    ; Define Var's
    Local $sFilePath = _WinAPI_GetTempFileName(@TempDir)
    Local $ProcessCounter = 0
    Local $ReadedOutput, $GetDomain

    $GetDomain = _URLSplit($IR_URL)

    If NOT IsArray($GetDomain) Then Return ""

    ; Start Connection to Server, Forced Reload.
    Local $hDownload = InetGet($GetDomain[1]&"://"&$GetDomain[2], $sFilePath, 1, 1)

    ; Start loop for Timeout
        $ProcessCounter += 1
    Until InetGetInfo($hDownload, 2) OR $ProcessCounter > ($IR_TIMEOUT/50)

    ; Close the handle returned by InetGet.

    ; Delete the file.

    If $ProcessCounter > ($IR_TIMEOUT/50) Then Return ""

    $ReadedOutput = InetRead($IR_URL,$IR_OPTIONS)
    Return $ReadedOutput


Func _URLSplit($szUrl)
    Local $sSREPattern = '^(?s)(?i)(http|ftp|https|file)://(.*?/|.*$)(.*/){0,}(.*)$'
    Local $aUrlSRE = StringRegExp($szUrl, $sSREPattern, 2)
    If Not IsArray($aUrlSRE) Or UBound($aUrlSRE) - 1 <> 4 Then Return SetError(1, 0, 0)
    If StringRight($aUrlSRE[2], 1) = '/' Then
        $aUrlSRE[2] = StringTrimRight($aUrlSRE[2], 1)
        $aUrlSRE[3] = '/' & $aUrlSRE[3]
    $szProtocol = $aUrlSRE[1]
    $szDomain = $aUrlSRE[2]
    $szPath = $aUrlSRE[3]
    $szFile = $aUrlSRE[4]
    Return $aUrlSRE
EndFunc   ;==>_URLSplit


Just paste these Functions in your script, then simply add the Underscore to all your InetRead functions, enjoy! :)

PS: Standard Timeout Setting is 2000 (Milliseconds), but you can change it to your needs.

Edited by Blueman
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