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Windows Installer - WinWait / WinClose

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I'm trying to automate the installer process of an application. I currently have this following code:


Func Start()
   ShellExecuteWait(@ScriptDir & "\installer.msi")
   Local $hWnd = WinWait("[CLASS:MsiDialogCloseClass]",5)
   ControlClick("Installer Information", "","[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]")

This function should only start the installer and press an Ok button of a popup window (or just close it). I tried with ControlClick()Send() and WinClose() functions but the script only starts the installer. Can't figure out why it doesn't press that button/close the window.

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Instead of automating the GUI, use the command line options :

RunWait(@SystemDir & '\msiexec.exe /i "' & @ScriptDir & '\installer.exe" /qb', @SystemDir)


Edit : your problem is that you used ShellExecuteWait (it's a blocking function) : try with ShellExecute instead

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