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RunBinary with STDOUT redirection


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Hi, I'm new.

Anyways, I'm using the RunBinary.au3 script by trancexx and I want to re-direct the STDOUT of the "child process" back to the autoit script that launches it. I'm attempting to do so using named pipes. If its possible to use StdoutRead instead of namedpipes please let me know. I'm just unsure of how to provide a handle of the childs STDOUT stream to that function. Though DllCall("kernel32.dll", "ptr", "GetStdHandle", "dword", "STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE") seems to get the handle?

Please excuse any foolish mistakes because I'm new to STDOUT, runbinary and namedpipes. Here's the parts of the code I'm trying to use that are relevent:

;~~~Firstly I think I need to make a pipe that's inheritable.. which I may have done wrong
Local $_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES = DllStructCreate("dword Length;" & _
"int lpSecurityDescriptor;" & _
"bool InheritHandle;") ;***Not positive if bool works correctly here?

DLLStructSetData($_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES, "lpSecurityDescriptor", 0) ;***This sets default state; "If the value of this member is NULL, the object is assigned the default security descriptor associated with the access token of the calling process." but I'm unsure if this is what I should use
DLLStructSetData($_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES, "InheritHandle", true);***True = Inheritable(but again I'm not positive the bool works correctly?)

Global $hNamedPipe = _NamedPipes_CreateNamedPipe("\\.\pipe\poopp", _;Name
2, _;Direction: 2=both ;I only need 1 direction but I'm just using this for testing
1, _;Flags:  1=no extra instances of pipe are allowed to run
0, _;Security: No ACL Security
0, _;Type: 0=byte
0, _;ReadType: 0=byte
1, _;Wait: 0=Block(wait) 1=No block(no wait)
1, _;Max Instances of pipe allowed
4096, _;out size
4096, _;in size
9000, _;timeout
DllStructGetPtr($_SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES));Default=0 which wouldn't make the handle inheritable

;~~~Next I would need to set the STARTUPINFO of the process
;code used by trancexx for the _STARTUPINFO
Global $tSTARTUPINFO = DllStructCreate("dword  cbSize;" & _
  "ptr Reserved;" & _
  "ptr Desktop;" & _
  "ptr Title;" & _
  "dword X;" & _
  "dword Y;" & _
  "dword XSize;" & _
  "dword YSize;" & _
  "dword XCountChars;" & _
  "dword YCountChars;" & _
  "dword FillAttribute;" & _
  "dword Flags;" & _
  "word ShowWindow;" & _
  "word Reserved2;" & _
  "ptr Reserved2;" & _
  "ptr hStdInput;" & _
  "ptr hStdOutput;" & _
  "ptr hStdError")
;Attempting to set the values for namedpipe redirection
DllStructSetData($tSTARTUPINFO, "Flags", 0x00000100) ;***Flag = STARTF_USESTDHANDLES (I think I set it correctly?) 
DllStructSetData($tSTARTUPINFO, "hStdOutput", $hNamedPipe) ;***Currently setting the output handle to the SERVER end of the NamePipe I'm creating (which I'm pretty sure is wrong but idk how to use the Client End)
;~~~code used by trancexx for CreateProcess
Global $aCall = DllCall("kernel32.dll", "bool", "CreateProcessW", _
  "wstr", $sExeModule, _
  "wstr", $sCommandLine, _
  "ptr", 0, _
  "ptr", 0, _
  "bool", true, _ ;***changed to inherit handles (not positive I did so correctly) was int 0 before
  "dword", 4, _ ; CREATE_SUSPENDED ; <- this is essential
  "ptr", 0, _
  "ptr", 0, _
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($tSTARTUPINFO), _
  "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($tPROCESS_INFORMATION))
;~~~~~Code used in a loop to try to see if anything is being written into the pipe
If _IsPressed(35, $hDLL) Then
  Local $pipeData = _NamedPipes_PeekNamedPipe($hNamedPipe)
  If @Error Then
    MsgBox(1,"PipeData Error",@Error & " | " & $pipeData)
    Local $r = _ArrayDisplay($pipeData)
    If @Error Then MsgBox(1,"Array Error",@Error & " | " & $pipeData)


I'm not using this exact code cause I changed it around some for the post. I'm mainly wondering how to correctly use the client end of the name pipe? I also had some values I wasn't sure if I set correctly because I don't have experience with com objects. And It seems the process launched needs to be the child?.. Can the process started through the autoitscript can be considered the child process and the script the parent process?


Guides I'm using for this:



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