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How to change Msgbox font size ?

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is it possible to change/increase the font size in a message box and Msgbox tittle font ?

My Code : #include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
WinActivate ("[Class:WindowsForms1033c0d9d]")
ControlClick("[Class:WindowsForms1033c0d9d]", "", "[NAME:SavebyFP]")
ControlSend ("[Class:WindowsForms1033c0d9d]", "", "[NAME:SavebyFP]", "{ENTER}") ;Becuase Controlclick not working 
WinWait("Verification Number Entry", "", 10)
ControlSend("Verification Number Entry", "", "[NAME:txtNumber]", "^v")
 Local $sData = ClipGet()

if stringlen($sData) = 10 then
ControlClick("Verification Number Entry", "", "[NAME:btnNext]")
WinWait("Verification Members")
ControlClick("Verification Members", "", "[CLASS:WindowsForms10.BUTTON.33c0d9d; INSTANCE:10]")
ControlSend("Verification Members", "", "[CLASS:WindowsForms10.BUTTON.33c0d9d; INSTANCE:10]", "{ENTER}") ;Becuase Controlclick not working 
   MsgBox(0, "Number Not Copied", "Please enter 10 Digits Number") ;Change font size

and controlclick not working on button.

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