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USB BarScanner RawInput without Gui

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I'm trying to understand the RawInput UDF but I'm not very advanced with DllCalls and Struc.

All the examples I found, which actually works with my bar scanner are using a GUI and Return 'GUI_RUNDEFMSG'.

But I don't want to do that, what I want to do is be able to read the rawinput data from the USB barscanner without any GUI and base on what I read trigger some actions/functions.

Anybody can provide a simple sample code?


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    • By MrCreatoR
      This UDF allows to set an events handler for Mouse device.
      The beginning...
      I searched for a way to disable the Mouse Primary click, and be able to call some function when the click event is received...
      Big thanks to amel27 for this one, i only organized the whole stuff to UDF style.
      #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include "MouseOnEvent.au3" HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Quit") _Example_Intro() _Example_Limit_Window() Func _Example_Intro() MsgBox(64, "Attention!", "Let's set event function for mouse wheel *scrolling* up and down", 5) ;Set event function for mouse wheel *scrolling* up/down and primary button *down* action (call our function when the events recieved) _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_WHEELSCROLLDOWN_EVENT, "_MouseWheel_Events") _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_WHEELSCROLLUP_EVENT, "_MouseWheel_Events") _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_PRIMARYDOWN_EVENT, "_MousePrimaryDown_Event") Sleep(3000) ;UnSet the events _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_WHEELSCROLLDOWN_EVENT) _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_WHEELSCROLLUP_EVENT) _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_PRIMARYDOWN_EVENT) ToolTip("") MsgBox(64, "Attention!", "Now let's disable Secondary mouse button up action, and call our event function.", 5) _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_SECONDARYUP_EVENT, "_MouseSecondaryUp_Event", 0, 1) Sleep(5000) _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_SECONDARYUP_EVENT) ToolTip("") EndFunc Func _Example_Limit_Window() Local $hGUI = GUICreate("MouseOnEvent UDF Example - Restrict events on specific window") GUICtrlCreateLabel("Try to click on that specific GUI window", 40, 40, 300, 30) GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 12, 800) GUICtrlCreateLabel("Press <ESC> to exit", 10, 10) GUISetState() _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_PRIMARYDOWN_EVENT, "_MousePrimaryDown_Event", $hGUI) ;A little(?) bugie when you mix different events :( ;_MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_SECONDARYUP_EVENT, "_MouseSecondaryUp_Event", $hGUI) While 1 Switch GUIGetMsg() Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE ExitLoop Case $GUI_EVENT_PRIMARYDOWN MsgBox(0, "", "Should not be shown ;)") EndSwitch WEnd _MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_PRIMARYDOWN_EVENT) ;_MouseSetOnEvent($MOUSE_SECONDARYUP_EVENT) EndFunc Func _MouseWheel_Events($iEvent) Switch $iEvent Case $MOUSE_WHEELSCROLLDOWN_EVENT ToolTip("Wheel Mouse Button (scrolling) DOWN Blocked") Case $MOUSE_WHEELSCROLLUP_EVENT ToolTip("Wheel Mouse Button (scrolling) UP Blocked") EndSwitch Return $MOE_BLOCKDEFPROC ;Block EndFunc Func _MousePrimaryDown_Event() ToolTip("Primary Mouse Button Down Blocked") Return $MOE_BLOCKDEFPROC ;Block EndFunc Func _MouseSecondaryUp_Event() ToolTip("Secondary Mouse Button Up Blocked") EndFunc Func _Quit() Exit EndFunc  
      Available Events Constants:
      Attached:     MouseOnEvent_2.4.zip
      Old version:
      MouseOnEvent.zip - v2.3
      Previous downloads: 146 + 200 + 804
    • By Bilgus
      Recently a user asked given two keyboards how to determine which keyboard was pressed this is the start of such functionality
      I was already given permission to post this example by a moderator before I bothered
      ;Bilgus 2018 ;Determine which keyboard was pressed #include <Array.au3> #include <WinAPISys.au3> #include <GUIConstantsEx.au3> #include <WindowsConstants.au3> Global Const $HWND_MESSAGE = (-3) ;create a message-only window when set as Parent ;RAWINPUTDEVICE Constants Global Const $HID_USAGE_PAGE_GENERIC = 0x1 Global Const $HID_USAGE_GENERIC_KEYBOARD = 0x6 Global $ghSelectedDevice Global $gaKeyboards = EnumRawKeyboards("\HID") If IsArray($gaKeyboards) And $gaKeyboards[0][0] >= 1 Then $ghSelectedDevice = $gaKeyboards[1][0] ; hard coded change to suit _ArrayDisplay($gaKeyboards, '_WinAPI_EnumRawInputDevices', "", 0, Default, "Handle|Type|VID|Keys") ;Not Needed... Global $hTarget = GUICreate("main", 10, 10, Default, Default, Default, Default, $HWND_MESSAGE) ;Dummy window to recieve messages Register_RawInput($HID_USAGE_PAGE_GENERIC, $HID_USAGE_GENERIC_KEYBOARD, $RIDEV_INPUTSINK, $hTarget) ;$RIDEV_INPUTSINK recieves input when not foreground ; Register WM_INPUT message GUIRegisterMsg($WM_INPUT, 'WM_INPUT') HotKeySet("{ESC}", _Exit) While 1 Sleep(1000) WEnd Func Device_Pressed() ConsoleWrite("Device Pressed" & @CRLF) EndFunc ;==>Device_Pressed Func _Exit() Exit EndFunc ;==>_Exit Func Register_RawInput($iUsagePage, $iUsage, $iFlags, $hTargetHwnd) Local $tRID = DllStructCreate($tagRAWINPUTDEVICE) DllStructSetData($tRID, 'UsagePage', $iUsagePage) DllStructSetData($tRID, 'Usage', $iUsage) DllStructSetData($tRID, 'Flags', $iFlags) DllStructSetData($tRID, 'hTarget', $hTargetHwnd) ; Register HID input to obtain info from devices _WinAPI_RegisterRawInputDevices($tRID) EndFunc ;==>Register_RawInput Func WM_INPUT($hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam, $lParam) ;Callback from RawInput #forceref $iMsg, $wParam ;'struct;dword Type;dword Size;handle hDevice;wparam wParam;endstruct' Local $tRIH = DllStructCreate($tagRAWINPUTHEADER) If _WinAPI_GetRawInputData($lParam, $tRIH, DllStructGetSize($tRIH), $RID_HEADER) And DllStructGetData($tRIH, "Type") = $RIM_TYPEKEYBOARD Then ConsoleWrite("0x" & Hex(DllStructGetData($tRIH, "hDevice")) & @CRLF) If $ghSelectedDevice = DllStructGetData($tRIH, "hDevice") Then Device_Pressed() Else ;Different Device ConsoleWrite("Different Device Pressed" & @CRLF) EndIf EndIf Return $GUI_RUNDEFMSG ;Pass on to default winproc EndFunc ;==>WM_INPUT Func EnumRawKeyboards($sDeviceNameMatch = "") ;Returns array of keyboard device IDs Local $tInfo, $aData = _WinAPI_EnumRawInputDevices() If IsArray($aData) Then Local $aKeyboards[$aData[0][0] + 1][4] ;'dword Size;dword Type;';'struct;dword KbType;dword KbSubType;dword KeyboardMode;dword NumberOfFunctionKeys;dword NumberOfIndicators;dword NumberOfKeysTotal;endstruc' Local $_tagRID_INFO_KEYBOARD = $tagRID_INFO_KEYBOARD If StringRight($_tagRID_INFO_KEYBOARD, 1) <> "t" Then $_tagRID_INFO_KEYBOARD &= "t" ; t is missing from endstruct Local $iCt = 0, $iSz Local $tInfo, $tDeviceName, $sDeviceName For $i = 1 To $aData[0][0] $tInfo = DllStructCreate($_tagRID_INFO_KEYBOARD) If _WinAPI_GetRawInputDeviceInfo($aData[$i][0], $tInfo, DllStructGetSize($tInfo), $RIDI_DEVICEINFO) And $aData[$i][1] = $RIM_TYPEKEYBOARD Then $iSz = _WinAPI_GetRawInputDeviceInfo($aData[$i][0], 0, 0, $RIDI_DEVICENAME) ;Get bytes needed $tDeviceName = DllStructCreate('wchar[' & $iSz + 1 & ']') ;Holds device name string If _WinAPI_GetRawInputDeviceInfo($aData[$i][0], $tDeviceName, DllStructGetSize($tDeviceName), $RIDI_DEVICENAME) Then $sDeviceName = DllStructGetData($tDeviceName, 1) If $sDeviceNameMatch <> "" And Not StringInStr($sDeviceName, $sDeviceNameMatch) Then ContinueLoop $iCt += 1 $aKeyboards[$iCt][0] = $aData[$i][0] ;Handle $aKeyboards[$iCt][1] = $aData[$i][1] ;Type $aKeyboards[$iCt][2] = $sDeviceName $aKeyboards[$iCt][3] = DllStructGetData($tInfo, "NumberOfKeysTotal") EndIf EndIf Next $aKeyboards[0][0] = $iCt ; Write count of keyboard devices to array ReDim $aKeyboards[$iCt + 1][4] ;Resize array EndIf Return $aKeyboards EndFunc ;==>EnumRawKeyboards  
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