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Winactivate not work for apllication in 64 bit

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Hello ,

I am start working before few day to automate my task using AutoIT.

I was wright AutoIT script for windows base  application (our own company application, "X"), My task is automate it so I decide to go with AutoIT

I wright code in my 32bit system and it work fine with our application "X"

But when I am going to run it with my colleagues computer on 64 bit it not activate window , so I was try to debug it, and found that problem start with Winactivate function.

(my script work fine up to interacting  with  our application "X", once script  start to interact with our application "X" the application not response to anything this happen in 64 bit system only)

but  when I test script on my other colleagues computer with 32 bit  system and it work very fine .

I stuck on this problem I was search on web too, but unable to find solution.

I have question that "is problem in  32/64 bit system or in our "X" application?"

my script is like below.


;;start script

;; Comment



; call function as per need



Func Runcp();;;;;;create function to run application "x"

 WinActivated("Out Application Title","")


send("^N");create new controller window ctr + shift + n


;do somthing




;;;script end here


any help I appreciate it . thanks in advance , sorry if I did any mistake in my question. 

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In your function, you wrote WinActivated ...

WinActivate works fine on my x64.

Try this:

WinActivate ( "[TITLE:كتب الشاملة]" ,"" ) 
;كتب الشاملة is only a subscript of the full title!


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@Miloud Thanks for Help

My Problem solve with #RequreAdmin


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