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Script Fails when EXE, runs as au3

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This is strange. I wrote this function:

Func _AU3_RunScript($scriptstring)

    Local $ReturnValue = 0

    Local $ScriptFile = _WinAPI_GetTempFileName(@TempDir, "~")
    FileWrite($ScriptFile, $scriptstring)
    Local $ScriptRunning = RunWait(@AutoItExe & ' /AutoIt3ExecuteScript "' & $ScriptFile & '"', @TempDir, @SW_HIDE)
    If $ScriptRunning = 0 Then
        $ReturnValue = 1
        ConsoleWrite("ScriptRunning:" & $ScriptRunning)
    Return $ReturnValue

And to test it:

_AU3_RunScript('MsgBox(0, "this", "message")')


When I run it from SCITE it runs just fine. No errors, shows the message box.

When I compile it into an exe (using SCITE) and run the EXE file, I get an an error at `If $ScriptRunning = 0 Then` - - I'm getting $ScriptRunning = -1

What am I missing?

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