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Office 365 ProPlus - Standalone install

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Hello everyone, has anyone of you guys tried to create an an automated installer for this?


Issue: You can't run the installer "as administrator" because opens a error message. You have double click and then you may enter the credentials..
i was trying to do this without disabling the UAC, his there any one who found a way out?

Notice: The processo runs perfectly by hand, i only need a workaround for this thing. 


Ty in advance.

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    • rudi
      By rudi
      very propably this has been asked before, well, I miss the thread(s) ...
      Is there a command line switch to tell the SciTE setup EXE to install silently ("/S") *AND* to end up with "edit" (instead of "run") as system wide default action for *.au3 files?

      As it can be done with the config tool:
      Regards, Rudi.
    • NiceBoy1234
      By NiceBoy1234
      What is the best way to install a .air file with autoit?
      So far the programs understand if a usb driver is plugged in and opens the path which holds the .air file and runs it.

      I tried to install it using tabs and other keys but that is problematic.
      Could be there a solution to install in via command line or something where I can change things like installation location like in the normal installation?
    • afallenhope
      By afallenhope
      Hello all!
      I have run into a bit of trouble with a project that I am working on. I currently have an autoit file calling a  java script to  go out and retrieve the latest install of X from an FTP Server. It works great! Well the problem I am running into now is since the file I grab is zipped I have to unzip so then I can run the installation for X. I thought I had found a way using 7-zip but I keep getting an error even if I try to run the installation myself saying "Error: Error loading XML file.. This application will now close." If I extract the files using windows explorer I am able to install the program. 
      I have my autoit file calling this .bat file and as a result I am unable to load from the unzipped folder due to this error loading XML file.
      cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\7-zip"
      7z e "C:\Users\NTS User\Documents\AutoInstall\" -o"C:\Users\NTS User\Desktop\Autoit\X" -y
      Am I missing something with this? If anyone could provide insight I would deeply appreciate it. Thanks again! 
      P.S. If I forgot to include anything just let me know! 
    • dushkin
      By dushkin
      Hi all,
      I need to supply a silent\quite installation of the Autoit setup autoit-v3-setup.exe. How can I achieve that?
      Thank you.
    • nullschritt
      By nullschritt
      Hello all, this script(wrapper) uses Alternative Data Streams to store INI formatted data in the active executable even while it is running. This is great for standalone executables, or storing data you don't want a user being able to edit!
      There are four simple commands:
      Func _iniwrite($section, $key, $value, $stream = "DEFAULT") return IniWrite(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section, $key, $value) EndFunc Func _iniread($section, $key, $default = "", $stream = "DEFAULT") return IniRead(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section, $key, $default) EndFunc Func _inidelete($section, $key = "", $stream = "DEFAULT") if $key <> "" Then Return IniDelete(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section, $key) Else Return IniDelete(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section) EndIf EndFunc Func _inirenamesection($section, $newsection, $flag = 0, $stream = "DEFAULT") return IniRenameSection(@ScriptFullPath&":"&$stream, $section, $newsection, $flag) EndFunc Simply copy and paste these functions into your script!