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How do I detect a new IE instance?

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Here is my code for one function:

Func Tracker() ; tracks if a new and similar IE window is opened.

    Global $StartUp = WinGetHandle("[Class:IEFrame;Title:FTD - Single Sign-On]")

    If $windowNumber = 0 And WinExists($StartUp) Then
            Local $winListT = WinList()
            $winIndexT = _ArrayFindAll($winListT,"Sign-On",Default,Default,Default,3,0)
            If UBound($winIndexT) = 2 Then
                $firstWdw = $winListT[$winIndexT[0]][1]
                $windowNumber =  $windowNumber + 1
;~                 MsgBox(0,"","Handle is: " & $firstWdw)

            If $windowNumber = 1 Then
                If WinExists("[Class:IEFrame;Title:FTD - Single Sign-On;Handle:"&$firstWdw&"]") Then
;~                     MsgBox(0,"","Working till here!")
                    Local $winListT2 = WinList()
                    $winIndexT2 = _ArrayFindAll($winListT2,"Sign-On",Default,Default,Default,3,0)
                    If UBound($winIndexT2) = 4 Then
                        $firstWdw = $winListT[$winIndexT[1]][1]
                        $secondWdw = $winListT[$winIndexT[0]][1]
                        $windowNumber = $windowNumber + 1
;~                         MsgBox(0,"","First handle is: " & $firstWdw & " Second handle is: " & $secondWdw)

The thing is I am trying to separate two instances of the "[Class:IEFrame;Title:FTD - Single Sign-On]" when I open a new window. But when I try to open another IE to open the same page. the program still recognizes the first window. I want the program to remember the first window and the newly opened window. Any tips?


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