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Reading Chrome and Firefox address bars.

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So, putting together a little background program to monitor my sons use of the internet. Trying to find a way to discreetly copy the address he is viewing without doing a highlight, copy, paste, return? Essentially looking for a IEPropertyGet ( ByRef $oObject, "locationurl" ); without having to add an extension to the browser in question. Ideas, suggestions?

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I'd do one of two things, depending upon what you want to do:

1) If you just want to monitor, simply turn on the logging feature built into your router. Each router is different but it is a trivial matter to turn on the router's logging feature and have the log be on your computer. Your son won't know the difference, but you will see the sites he's been to.

2) If you want to block, what I've done in the past is get a free account at OpenDNS (you will need to know your external IP address) and set your router's DNS servers to match the OpenDNS servers. With the account you can then set it to block entire groups of websites typically based on content. I've used this solution in the past and it's fairly easy to set up and works very well.

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