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Mapped drive & #RequireAdmin

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Hi everyone,

when adding #RequireAdmin to the script I cannot do anything with mapped drives

Is there a way to start a script elevated, then at the point needed, start another script -started- de-elevated "without prompts" with DriveGetDrive in it, and have it return the outcome to the first script
should i use WM_COPYDATA to pass an array 


How can I start the script de-elevated which is started from an elevated one
Run DriveGetDrive and pass the array to the script itself using exit ShellExecute(@ScriptFullPath, "<array>", @ScriptDir, "runas")
I saw somewhere some winapi_ command that has something to do with passing an array as parameters, and I cant seem to find it right now ..

These workarounds seem odd and bit puzzling to me, are they any other better\cleaner ways to achieve this


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Thanks, Got it!,
Once I got the drive, how can I make the script acknowledge these drives when using _FileListToArray (for instance, doesn't find anything)
 Does the same workaround stand or can I with some command make these drives accessible to the main script as well

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