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I would like to automate Putty commands whereby it will select my saved telnet session (so open Putty Configuration and select session) and afterwards it will open the Putty-prompt and will do next commands:

ACCESS <Enter>
'UserName' <Enter>
SET Priv <Enter>
'Password' <Enter>

And close Putty

Kind of new in AutoIT so all help is welcome !


Thanks in advance,



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Agree that plink is probably your best bet. I do a lot in putty sessions for customers, and use the following as a framework:

Local $sEXE = @MyDocumentsDir & "\PuTTY\PLINK.EXE"
Local $sUser = " -l root"
Local $sPass = " -pw Password1"
Local $sCommand = " esxcli storage vmfs unmap -l "

    For ...
        ShellExecute($sEXE, " -ssh " & $aRange1[$a][1] & $sUser & $sPass & $sCommand & $aRange1[$a][0]) ; - Pulls datastores from excel range and runs vmfs unmap


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36 minutes ago, SlackerAl said:

You might want to check out plink.exe (command line putty) which works better for non-interactive telnet operations and can be run from a batch file.

so something like : putty.exe -load “session name” but how to start this session and run the commands ? :s

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13 minutes ago, SlackerAl said:

:D Thanks SlackerAl , I found this on the net:

\path\to\putty.exe -load "[Sessionname]" -l [user] -pw [password] -m C:\path\to\commands.txt


and in commands.txt I'll put the commands mentioned here beneath :

ACCESS <Enter>
'UserName' <Enter>
SET Priv <Enter>
'Password' <Enter>

Thanks !

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      I join with UDF version of modified putty myself.  🙂 LoL
      but, it is not used with the UDF, it is included in the UDF.
      putty-04012015- 92453+lic.zip
      New version (contains the latest version of plink (0.74) edited by http://jakub.kotrla.net/putty/) 
      Same as the v2 but supports all putty/plink settings
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      Dear Autoit Forum,
      Before I start, I have checked the following topics, but couldn't get far enough:
      '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

      Func _PLINK_Connect($remote, $user, $password) Local $hSessionPID = Run("plink.exe -ssh " & $remote & " -l " & $user & " -pw " & $password, "", @SW_HIDE, $STDIN_CHILD + $STDOUT_CHILD) If @error Then MsgBox(0, "Error: xxx", "Running plink.exe under the main folder failed.") Return False EndIf Local $sLine While True ;read each line $sLine = StdoutRead($hSessionPID) ;ty_DEBUG print each line after connected If $sLine <> "" Then ConsoleWrite("Current Line Start:" & $sLine & @CRLF & "==== Current Line End" & @CRLF) If ProcessExists($hSessionPID) = 0 Then ConsoleWrite("cannot find PID" & @CRLF) Return SetError(9) ;check if connected with the given user name ElseIf StringInStr($sLine, "Using keyboard") Then ConsoleWrite("cannot login" & @CRLF) Return SetError(8) ;check if connected to remote ElseIf StringInStr($sLine, " [cdr2db] :") Then ConsoleWrite("connected to remote" & @CRLF) ExitLoop EndIf Sleep(10) WEnd Return $hSessionPID EndFunc Now i call the function:
      Case1: Everything is fine
      _PLINK_Connect("", "cdr2db", "Cdr2db_1")
      Current Line Start:Last login: Sat Sep 13 12:56:06 2014 from

      ==== Current Line End
      Current Line Start:<101 bb1a [cdr2db] :/onip/app/cdr2db>
      ==== Current Line End
      connected to remote

      Case2: Another username
      _PLINK_Connect("", "cdr2dba", "Cdr2db_1")
      Current Line Start:Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
      ==== Current Line End
      cannot login
      Using username "cdr2dba".
      Access denied

      Case3: Wrong password
      _PLINK_Connect("", "cdr2db", "Cdr2db_1a")
      Current Line Start:Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
      ==== Current Line End
      cannot login
      Using username "cdr2db".
      Access denied

      Case4: Non-existing remote machine
      FATAL ERROR: Network error: Connection timed out
      cannot find PID
      Now my question is that:
      For Case 2 and 3; my last console write says that "current line start / end" then, "cannot login". But in the output window i can find "Using username cdr2db. Access denied". So, how is that output generated?
      For Case 4: Even there is no output as ConsoleWrite, how the "FATAL ERROR: ..." line is generated?
      I would apperiate any comments on the topic.
      Thanks in advance.
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