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Receive text from api and then send text to hidden field in chrome!

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I am working on bot for a client! The bot needs to do send a request to the servers api and the server replies as -"okprocessid", the bot needs to extract the processid(i never used api thus i have no idea how api would work)

After that it needs to send another request to the server to get the output if the process ("okoutput") i need to remove the "ok" and store the output in a variable, then i need to send this to a hidden textbox and press submit on the page(that can be done)! The api requests work directly on the browser too and have simple response" okid"!

I want to just take the" id" amd then put it in a hidden textbox in the website and hit enter! Please it would be great if someone can help!

As starting the process through the clients website is a 10 min long process and can be solved using api and the page where the process it submitted is through a 5 step long form or just the direct response from the api(which can be sent through a hidden text field on the webpage)

And also i wanted to know that is there a way for autoit to press on certain buttons on the web form using the text they contain!


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