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[PROJECT] Ailave Project Development

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Welcome to Ailave, future programming project



What's Ailave?



Ailave is a suggestions-powered project that focuses in simplifying AutoIt / Au3 codes, Ailave is a code-shortener that will be equipped with lots of functions and constants that will make ur code shorter and more effective, you don't need to type thousands of lines of code to make a GUI or a function, Ailave does the hard work, you only tell him what to do.

Ailave will include:

*Lots of Functions that will make ur coding a more comfortable and faster experience

*GUI'S! > Yes, it will include GUI's templates, creating a script with GUI was never easier!

*Suggestions-Powered > Suggest me what you want Ailave to have! (Click here for more information)

*Colors! > It will include a large library of color codes that will be helpful.


You are your own limit to imagination, suggest me an idea!


What benefits Ailave offers?



Easy to understand codes, easier debugging, faster coding, more complete functions, more effective and shorter scripts, no need to create lots of functions, no need to code thousands of lines, and an infinite list of benefits you will experiment yourself soon :)


How Ailave works?


It gives u tons of functions that you can use as individual commands, that way you dont need to create thousands of lines to code more effective scripts.


Where i can download Ailave?


Ailave is still an under-development project and an official version of Ailave won't be released until June, 2018, But you can suggest me ideas.


Click here to see Ailave's project website








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