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coordinate color variable dont work if it is set as variable!

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I find it very weird:
if I run like this:
     Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($posX, $posY, $sizeX, $sizeY, '0xFF455E')

works fine!

If I run like this:
    Local $metaColor1 = '0xFF455E' or like this Local $metaColor1 = "0xFF455E" or Local $metaColor1 = "'0xFF455E'"
    Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($posX, $posY, $sizeX, $sizeY, $color)

it doesn't want to work! So something with variable is not working and yes if I print it out like this:
ConsoleWrite(@LF & $posX & ":"& $posY & ":"& $sizeX & ":" & $sizeY & ":" & $color&@LF)

So I dont see the problem, maybe some of you people?

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Maybe you should use $metaColor1 instead of $color in the PixelSearch?

If that was a typo, then try it without the quotes, because it's a number not a string.

If I posted any code, assume that code was written using the latest release version unless stated otherwise. Also, if it doesn't work on XP I can't help with that because I don't have access to XP, and I'm not going to.
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I hereby grant any person the right to use any code I post, that I am the original author of, on the autoitscript.com forums, unless I've specifically stated otherwise in the code or the thread post. If you do use my code all I ask, as a courtesy, is to make note of where you got it from.

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I was hoping for typo, but it is not. Next code calls function:

Local $metaColor1 = 0xFF455E
   ;check if meta therapy button is availible, visible?
   If ControlCommand("[CLASS:TFormResearchGR]", "", "[CLASS:"& $btn_meta_class &"; INSTANCE:"& $btn_meta_instance &"]", "IsVisible", "") Then
      dump("$btn_metaVisible is visible"&@LF)
      $btn_metaVisible = True
      ;if meta therapy button visable, then check if meta therapy button is green and red if good connection is with headphone
      $image_path = "images\meta-therapy-green-red.bmp"
      $text = "meta therapy button not green"
      ;dump("this is text"& $text & @LF)
      $buttonActivated1 = ifButtonActivated("[CLASS:TFormResearchGR]", $btn_meta_class, $btn_meta_instance, $metaColor1, False, True, $image_path, $text)
      dump("Activated meta button: " & $buttonActivated1)

And in that function, I call: PixelSearch and if I set the sting in this function like:
$metaColor1 = 0xFF455E and set that then it works, but if I set it before when calling function it doens not wont to work. This is weird. And if I Consolewrite it, string (number) is there :(

Func ifButtonActivated($window, $button, $instance, $metaButtonColor, $click = True, $msgBoxShow = True, $image_path = False, $text = False, $litoPhyto = False)
   ConsoleWrite(@LF & "function ifButtonActivated: " & @LF)
   ConsoleWrite("$window:" & $window &" $button: "& $button &" $instance: "& $instance &" $color: "& $metaButtonColor &@LF)
   ConsoleWrite('$image_path: '& $image_path & @LF)
   Local $buttonActivated = False
   Local $buttonCanceled = False
   Local $buttonNotActivated = False
   ;because even if you bioconnector is inbetween time connected the red button will not appear
   ;so we need to loop again
   Local $litoPhytoActivated = False
   ConsoleWrite($window & @LF)
   ConsoleWrite($button & @LF)
   ConsoleWrite($instance & @LF)

   ;if button exists, research button dont exists
      If ControlCommand($window, "", "[CLASS:"& $button &"; INSTANCE:"& $instance &"]", "IsEnabled", "") Then
    ConsoleWrite($window & "[CLASS:"& $button &"; INSTANCE:"& $instance &"]IsEnabled" & @LF)
         $aPos = ControlGetPos($window, "", "[CLASS:"& $button &"; INSTANCE:"& $instance &"]")
     ConsoleWrite("$aPos[2]" & $aPos[2] & @LF)
     ConsoleWrite("$aPos[3]" & $aPos[3] & @LF)
         $sizeX = $aPos[0] + $aPos[2] + 72
         $sizeY = $aPos[1] + $aPos[3]
     $posX = $aPos[0] + 72
     $posY = $aPos[1]

         ConsoleWrite("$posX:" & $posX & "$posY:" & $posY & "$sizeX" & $sizeX & "$sizeY:" & $sizeY & "$color" & $metaButtonColor &@LF)

         ; Find a pure red pixel in the range 0,0-20,300
     ConsoleWrite(@LF & $posX & ":"& $posY & ":"& $sizeX & ":" & $sizeY & ":" & $metaButtonColor&@LF)

     ConsoleWrite($metaButtonColor& @LF)
     ConsoleWrite(Int($metaButtonColor)& @LF)
         ;Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($posX, $posY, $sizeX, $sizeY, $color)
     $metaColor1 = 0xFF455E
     ConsoleWrite($metaColor1& @LF)
     ConsoleWrite(Int($metaColor1)& @LF)
     Local $aCoord = PixelSearch($posX, $posY, $sizeX, $sizeY, $metaButtonColor)


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This is very weird, if I pass it to function the number is there, but Pixelcoordinate dont want to accept it!

How can I see what really get the pixelcoord? Because if I print out the string it is there!

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I did also like set direct to function the string:

$buttonActivated1 = ifButtonActivated("[CLASS:TFormResearchGR]", $btn_meta_class, $btn_meta_instance, 0xFF455E, False, True, $image_path, $text)


$buttonActivated1 = ifButtonActivated("[CLASS:TFormResearchGR]", $btn_meta_class, $btn_meta_instance, Int(0xFF455E), False, True, $image_path, $text)

I find it very weird :(

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if I set it as Global then it works perfect, but hen I dont pass it to function.

But I can't let go how can it be that passing it to function gives different results, this is not possible!

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Understand you like to understand why, but it would help when you post some sort of script that is runable and demonstrating the issue.


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      1 - I'm not sure about how to put the message into the log file.
      2 - I tested this script but it is not recording the message into the log file.
      3 - Is there other way to calculate the duration in these lines?
      $iTimeDiffh = _DateDiff('h', $tChange, $tCurrent) ; time difference in hours $iTimeDiffm = _DateDiff('n', $tChange, $tCurrent) ; time difference in minutes $iTimeDiffs = _DateDiff('s', $tChange, $tCurrent) ; time difference in seconds $durationCheckSum = $iTimeDiffh & ":" & $iTimeDiffm & ":" & $iTimeDiffs ; Timestamp of the signal until PixelCheckSum $sLogMsg = " " & $SignalID[0] & " " & $ColourCheckID & " - " & $NewCheckID & " " & $durationCheckSum _FileWriteLog($LogFile, $sLogMsg) Thanks in advance!
    • By AnRios
      Greetings friends!
      I have been searching the help file and Google, with no success, to find a way to validate images from a folder and mark them somehow in a spreadsheet.
      My context is: I made a code with the help of the community that captures images from SAP and saves them in a folder.  Now I'd like to identify which ones are black, if it's even possible. I read about PixelSearch, but did not get it to work. If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.
      The code I'm using:
      #include <File.au3> #include <ScreenCapture.au3> $x = InputBox("Title", "Amount of Images To Capture", "", "", 320, 150) If @error Then Exit $x = Number($x) $y = InputBox("Title", "Batch Name", "", "", 320, 150) If @error Then Exit $y = String($y) HotKeySet("{HOME}", "printscreen") Func printscreen() $FilePath =("C:\Fiscalizacao\Fotos"&"/") $FileName = $y & " - " $FileList = _FileListToArray($FilePath, $FileName & '*.jpg', 1) If Not IsArray($FileList) Then $FileName&= '1.jpg' Else $FileName &= $FileList[0] + 1 & '.jpg' EndIf _ScreenCapture_Capture($FilePath & "\" & $FileName, 354, 196, 673, 436) EndFunc HotKeySet("{BS}", "Terminate") Func Terminate() Exit 0 EndFunc For $i = 1 to $x Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2) If NOT WinExists("Relatorio") Then MsgBox(0, "Atenção!", "Relatório do MOM deve estar aberto!") Call("Terminate") EndIf Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2) WinActivate("Relatorio") Sleep (250) Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2) SendKeepActive("Relatorio") Send("{ENTER}") Sleep (1000) Send("{HOME}") Sleep (200) Opt("WinTitleMatchMode",2) WinActivate("Relatorio") Send("{DOWN}") Next  
    • By plankton
      While IsArray(PixelSearch(100, 100, 300, 300, 0xffffff))     Send("{ESC}")     Sleep(1000) WEnd  MsgBox(0,"Loop exited","") Hi, above is my function that will execute ESC button when white color is present in specific area which is color 0xffffff.
      But how do I do the opposite like when white color is not present in that specific area? Like this below code which gives me error
      While IsArray(PixelSearch(100, 100, 300, 300, <>0xffffff))     Send("{ESC}")     Sleep(1000) WEnd  MsgBox(0,"Loop exited","")  
    • By plankton
      Hi I want it to search for a specific color in certain area then excute the loop which presses ESC button and stop the loop when the color no longer present in that specific area.  Here is the example of my code. But it doesnt stop when color is disappeared.
      Pixelsearch(511, 455, 678, 501, 0xFFFFFF)
      If Not  @Error Then
      While 1
      Pixelsearch(511, 455, 678, 501, 0xFFFFFF)
      If @Error Then Exitloop
    • By Borges
      Sorry if I posted in wrong section but...
      how can I do something like that?
      If PixelSearch(660, 30, 670, 38, 0x242424, 0 , 1) <> @error Then
       ElseIf PixelSearch(800, 30, 810, 38, 0x242424, 0 , 1) <> @error Then
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