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Tcp event

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Hi all, 

The code allows to checks if an event happened on one of the tcp connection ,
call return  :
event :
$TCPEvent_Disconnect  = Connection is dead
$TCPEvent_None = Noting..
$TCPEvent_Data = data arrived


#by celtic88

Global Const $TCPEvent_Disconnect = -1  ;Connection is dead
Global Const $TCPEvent_None = 0         ;Noting..
Global Const $TCPEvent_Data = 1         ;data available

Func TCPSocketEvent($hSocket)
    Local $timeval = DllStructCreate("int tv_sec;int tv_usec")
    Local $fd_set = DllStructCreate("int fd_count;UINT fd_array[64]")
    Local $ValLong = DllStructCreate("long length")

    DllStructSetData($fd_set, "fd_count", 1)
    DllStructSetData($fd_set, "fd_array", $hSocket, 1)

    Local $result = DllCall("Ws2_32.dll", "int", "select", "int", $hSocket + 1, "struct*", $fd_set, "ptr", 0, "ptr", 0, "struct*", $timeval)
    If @error Then Return $TCPEvent_Disconnect
    If $result[0] < 0 Then Return $TCPEvent_Disconnect ; Seems to be an error

    Local $result2 = DllCall("Ws2_32.dll", "int", "__WSAFDIsSet", "UINT", $hSocket, "struct*", $fd_set)
    If @error Then Return $TCPEvent_Disconnect

    If $result[0] = 0 Or $result2[0] = 0 Then Return $TCPEvent_None ; No data available

    Local $FIONREAD = 0x4004667F
    Local $aRet = DllCall("Ws2_32.dll", "int", "ioctlsocket", "uint", $hSocket, "long", $FIONREAD, "struct*", $ValLong)
    If @error Then Return $TCPEvent_Disconnect

    If $aRet[0] <> 0 Then Return $TCPEvent_Disconnect

    Local $length = DllStructGetData($ValLong, "length")
    If $length = 0 Then Return $TCPEvent_Disconnect

;~  Return $length
    Return $TCPEvent_Data
EndFunc   ;==>TCPSocketIsAlive


exemple : 

Server :

#include <TCPEvent.au3>

Func Example()

    Local $sIPAddress = ""
    Local $iPort = 65432

    Local $iListenSocket = TCPListen($sIPAddress, $iPort, 100)
    Local $iError = 0

    If @error Then
        $iError = @error
        MsgBox(16, "Server", "Could not listen, Error code: " & $iError)
        Return False

    Local $iSocket = 0
        $iSocket = TCPAccept($iListenSocket)

        If @error Then
            $iError = @error
            MsgBox(16, "Server", "Could not accept the incoming connection, Error code: " & $iError)
            Return False
    Until $iSocket <> -1

    MsgBox(32, "Server", "Client Connected")

    Local $EvSock
    While 1
        $EvSock = TCPEvent($iSocket)
        Switch $EvSock
            Case $NetworkEvent_Disconnect
                MsgBox(32, "Server", "Connection closed")
            Case $NetworkEvent_Data
                MsgBox(32, "Server", "Reciev Data : " & TCPRecv($iSocket, 1000))
                TCPSend($iSocket, "Test Ok")
                MsgBox(32, "Server", "Exit")

EndFunc   ;==>Example





#include <TCPEvent.au3>

Func Exemple()

    Local $sIPAddress = ""
    Local $iPort = 65432

    Local $iSocket = TCPConnect($sIPAddress, $iPort)

    If @error Then
        Local $iError = @error
        MsgBox(16, "Client", "Could not connect, Error code: " & $iError)
        MsgBox(32, "Client", "Connection successful")
        TCPSend($iSocket, "Test")
        Local $EvSock
        While 1
            $EvSock = TCPEvent($iSocket)
            Switch $EvSock
                Case $TCPEvent_Disconnect
                    MsgBox(32, "Client", "Connection closed")
                Case $TCPEvent_Data
                    MsgBox(32, "Client", "Reciev Data : " & TCPRecv($iSocket, 1000))

    ; Close the socket.
EndFunc   ;==>Exemple





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