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Auto Write Notes From Clipboard

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Hi all.
I just wrote this quick script to aid me in copy and pasting information to a text file. No need to copy/switch windows/paste/switch window with this.

I know that this is small, but I remember small scripts like this one being worth gold to me when I was just starting out. And besides that, if anyone ever finds themselves in need of this, you wont have to write it yourself. :muttley:

The Usage


String One String Two



String Three String Four


Lets say that you need to copy "String One" and String Four, the paste them to text file and save that text file. Run this script, and just copy one then the other. The script takes care of the rest.


While 1
$s1Clip = ClipGet()

Sleep( 100 )
$s2Clip = ClipGet()
Until Not StringCompare($s1Clip, $s2Clip) = 0

FileWriteLine( "list.txt", $s2Clip )
ClipPut( "" )

Func Leave()


Edited by Draygoes
Half the BB code broke on me. Guess I am rusty.


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As an FYI we do have a snippets section dedicated to "small, reusable bits of code"

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