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Get Selected Row Number in ListView

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I am looking for a way to get the Row Number when a cell is selected.

The problem with the below code is, if 2 or more than 2 Cells contain the same number, all the later cells tend to open the same file reading from the 1st cell instead of the selected row. I think after the line 'Local $ListView_Results = ....', I will have to put a check 'If $ListView_Results = $R1C1_result AND selected Row = 'Row number' then Open the specific file.

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <GuiImageList.au3>
#include <GuiListView.au3>
#include <GuiStatusBar.au3>
#include <GuiConstants.au3>;Inclusion file for the GUI interface controls
#include <WinAPI.au3>
#include <FontConstants.au3>

Global Const $WM_LV_CLICK = $WM_USER + 1

Global $Child_GUI, $R1C1_result, $R1C2_result, $R2C1_result, $R2C2_result, $GUI, $hListview, $StatusBar1, $aHit[2] = [-1, -1] ; $aHit contains row & col of marked cell
Global $iButton1 = 9999
Global $iButton2 = 9999
Global $Get_Child_GUI2 = 9999
Global $files[3][3]

$files[1][1] = @DesktopDir & "\Test1\test1.txt"
$files[1][2] = @DesktopDir & "\Test2\test2.txt"
$files[2][1] = @DesktopDir & "\Test3\test3.txt"
$files[2][2] = @DesktopDir & "\Test4\test4.txt"

$Parent_GUI = GUICreate("Parent GUI", 640, 665, -1, -1, BitOR($WS_MINIMIZEBOX, $WS_CAPTION, $WS_POPUP, $WS_SYSMENU))
Local $Get_Default_Label_ForAll_Controls = GUICtrlCreateLabel("", 8, 16, 620, 400, $WS_BORDER)
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DISABLE)

    Local $R1C1 = FileRead($files[1][1])
    Local $R1C1_result = $R1C1

    Local $R1C2 = FileRead($files[1][2])
    Local $R1C2_result = $R1C2

    Local $R2C1 = FileRead($files[2][1])
    Local $R2C1_result = $R2C1

    Local $R2C2 = FileRead($files[2][2])
    Local $R2C2_result = $R2C2

    $Child_GUI = GUICtrlCreateListView("| Column 1| Column 2|", 80, 56, 498, 350, -1, BitOR($LVS_EX_GRIDLINES, $LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT)) ; Compliance Incidents Header Label
    $hListview = GUICtrlGetHandle($Child_GUI)

    ; Add items
    _GUICtrlListView_AddItem($Child_GUI, "Row 1", 0)
    _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($Child_GUI, 0, 12, 1) ; The data comes from $R1C1_result
    _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($Child_GUI, 0, 48, 2) ; The data comes from $R1C2_result

    _GUICtrlListView_AddItem($Child_GUI, "Row 2", 1)
    _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($Child_GUI, 1, 12, 1) ; The data comes from $R2C1_result
    _GUICtrlListView_AddSubItem($Child_GUI, 1, 120, 2) ; The data comes from $R2C2_result

Local $Get_Child_GUI2 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Get GUI 2", 100, 608, 75, 25, $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON)
GUICtrlSetState($Child_GUI, $GUI_HIDE)

    Local $iButton1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Open Files", 376, 608, 75, 25, $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON)
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_HIDE)

Local $iButton2 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Hide Child GUI", 472, 608, 75, 25, $BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON)
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_HIDE)



While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

        Case $Get_Child_GUI2 ; This will get the ListView visible with single cell click enable

        Case $iButton1 ; This will allow the dir to open when single cells are clicked
                Local $ListView_Results = _GUICtrlListView_GetItemText($hListview, $aHit[0], $aHit[1])
                If $ListView_Results = $R1C1_result Then
                    ShellExecute(@DesktopDir & "\Test1\test1.txt") ; For sampling please '12' inside test1.txt

                If $ListView_Results = $R1C2_result Then
                ShellExecute(@DesktopDir & "\Test2\test2.txt")

                If $ListView_Results = $R2C1_result Then
                ShellExecute(@DesktopDir & "\Test3\test3.txt") ; For sampling please '12' inside test3.txt

                If $ListView_Results = $R2C2_result Then
                ShellExecute(@DesktopDir & "\Test4\test4.txt")

        Case $iButton2 ; This will hide the Child GUI
            GUICtrlSetState($Child_GUI, $GUI_HIDE)


Func Example()

; Do required actions here...

GUICtrlSetState($Child_GUI, $GUI_SHOW)

GUICtrlSetState($iButton1, $GUI_SHOW)

GUICtrlSetState($iButton2, $GUI_SHOW)

EndFunc   ;==>Example

Func WM_NOTIFY($hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam, $lParam)
    #forceref $hWnd, $iMsg, $wParam
    Local $tNMHDR, $hWndFrom, $iCode
    $tNMHDR = DllStructCreate($tagNMHDR, $lParam)
    $hWndFrom = HWnd(DllStructGetData($tNMHDR, "hWndFrom"))
    $iCode = DllStructGetData($tNMHDR, "Code")
    Switch $hWndFrom
        Case $hListview
            Switch $iCode
                Case $LVN_ITEMCHANGED
                    Local $tNMLISTVIEW, $iItem, $sInfo
                    $tNMLISTVIEW = DllStructCreate($tagNMLISTVIEW, $lParam)
                    $iItem = DllStructGetData($tNMLISTVIEW, "Item")
                    _GUICtrlListView_SetItemSelected($hListview, $iItem, False)
                    _GUICtrlListView_SetItemState($hListview, $iItem, 0, $LVIS_FOCUSED)
                    Local $sInfo = GUIGetCursorInfo($Parent_GUI)
                    If $sInfo[2] Then
                        $sInfo = _GUICtrlListView_SubItemHitTest($hListview, $sInfo[0] - 80, $sInfo[1] - 56) ; Upper left = ( 200, 310 )
                        If $sInfo[0] > -1 And $sInfo[1] > -1 And $sInfo[0] = $iItem Then
                            If $aHit[0] > -1 Then _GUICtrlListView_RedrawItems($hListview, $aHit[0], $aHit[0])
                            If $aHit[0] <> $sInfo[0] Or $aHit[1] <> $sInfo[1] Then
                                $aHit[0] = $sInfo[0] ; Row
                                $aHit[1] = $sInfo[1] ; Col
                                $aHit[0] = -1 ; Row
                                $aHit[1] = -1 ; Col
                            _GUICtrlListView_RedrawItems($hListview, $iItem, $iItem)

                Case $NM_CUSTOMDRAW
                    Local $tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW = DllStructCreate($tagNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, $lParam)
                    Local $dwDrawStage = DllStructGetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "dwDrawStage")
                    Switch $dwDrawStage ; Holds a value that specifies the drawing stage
                        Case $CDDS_PREPAINT ; Before the paint cycle begins
                            Return $CDRF_NOTIFYITEMDRAW ; Notify the parent window of any ITEM-related drawing operations
                        Case $CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT ; Before painting an item
                            Return $CDRF_NOTIFYSUBITEMDRAW ; Notify the parent window of any SUBITEM-related drawing operations
                        Case BitOR($CDDS_ITEMPREPAINT, $CDDS_SUBITEM) ; Before painting a subitem
                            Local $dwItemSpec = DllStructGetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "dwItemSpec") ; Item index
                            Local $iSubItem = DllStructGetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "iSubItem") ; Subitem index
                            Local $uItemState = DllStructGetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "uItemState") ; Item state
                            If $dwItemSpec = $aHit[0] Then ; Marked row
                                Switch $iSubItem
                                    Case $aHit[1] ; Marked column
                                        DllStructSetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "ClrText", 0xFFFFFF) ; Forecolor white
                                        DllStructSetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "clrTextBk", 0xCC6600) ; Backcolor dark blue, BGR

                                    Case Else ; Other columns
                                        DllStructSetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "ClrText", 0x000000) ; Forecolor black
                                        DllStructSetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "ClrTextBk", 0xFFFFFF) ; Backcolor white
                            Else ; Other rows
                                DllStructSetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "ClrText", 0x000000)
                                DllStructSetData($tNMLVCUSTOMDRAW, "ClrTextBk", 0xFFFFFF)
                            Return $CDRF_NEWFONT ; $CDRF_NEWFONT must be returned after changing font or colors
EndFunc   ;==>WM_NOTIFY
#EndRegion - Declare Non-Compliant Incidents Variables

I looked at the below page but it always gives the selected cell as '-27'.


Can someone please help.

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Got it fixed. Thanks.

  $aHit[0] ; Row
  $aHit[1] ; Col
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