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Get Window Information with Script

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Hey Everyone!

I'm trying to create an automation software that is able to watch a user while doing a task, save that information for every step and then repeat it when in the same setting.

Right now I'm monitoring mouse and keyboard events in a python script with pyHook and pyWin32, but for getting all the context and window information I would like to use the Window Info Tool from AutoIt with the coordinates for a User action.

Example.: The user clicks into an edit box of some window - pyHook recognizes the position and calls the Window Info Tool which then returns the properties and values of that window, element ect.

So my question is:

Is there a way to use the Window Info Tool from within a script by calling it for some coordinates? Always pulling the tool up in an additional window is really an obstacle, if the user is supposed to teach the software by himself. You could ofcourse write some script running in the background that interrupts user input, pulls up the Window Info Tool, drags it to the saved location and then reads out the info, but there has to be some better way!

Thanks so much for your help!

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