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I have been trying to create a hotkey using various numeric pad keys unsuccessfully.  If I set up a hotkey using a single numeric key such as {numpad0} the hotkey will execute.  Whenever I use a combination of keys (modifiers) with a numeric key to create a hotkey it does not execute.  I have had no other issues creating hotkeys with various key combinations.

For example, the following key combination does not execute

HotKeySet("^+{Numpad0}","Group6") ; Shift + Control + Numpad0

I have tried placing a shift down in from of the ^ (control key) and a shift up after the numpad0 key and it still doesn't work.

The following Hotkey works:

HotKeySet("^+{F10}","Group6") ; Shift + Control + F10

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi @Wizardry:)
I was trying to make an HotKeySet with your key combination, but without any result.
I only tried to remove the Shift key ( + ), and it seems to work.
Maybe it's a key combination which is not supported.

Let's see if some veteran will reply :)

Best Regards.

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Since the Shift-NUMPAD0  combination equals the keyboard  INSERT-Key use 


for setting  Shift-Ctrl-Numpad0



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