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nvdaControllerClient_UDF (to control the free NVDA screen reader)


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Hi dear
This is the first include file I designed
This work is especially directed to NVDA free screen reader users
It contains a set of functions that enable you to control the program
Such as forcing the program to read a custom text
Force it to stop talking
Find out if the program is running
And show custom text in the Braille screen
Available functions are
to load the dll file
to UnLoad the dll file
to speak a custom text
to show custom text in the Braille screen
to Force the NVDA  to stop talking
to check if the NVDA is running

important note :
All of these functions depend on a nvdaControllerClient32.dll

I've added it in the attachments, as well as a file for examples, and other files
As the source and examples in other languages
For those who wanted to download the free screen reader, this is the download link from the official website
i hope you like this topic
I hope you will try it and give me your opinions

Thank you all members and administrators for their help
now with the  Attachments



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