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Logical operators for activating windows

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So i have a working code but now i want to implement to check which windows are active and do some operations based on the outcome.

For example:
Check if Window A exists or Window B, or Window C...

Then Activate Window A, or Window B or Window C...

I have tried putting my "Or" logical operator inside the brackets where i type the name and class of the windows but nothing happened


If WinExists ("[TITLE:D1.txt - Notepad]" or "[TITLE:D2.txt - Notepad]") Then
  If _IsPressed("6B") Then
         WinActivate ("[TITLE:D1.txt - Notepad]" or "[TITLE:D2.txt - Notepad]")

I removed the rest of the code, i need to figure this out first! Thanks in advance

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Hi @Cybazaar:)
You can't use the Or operator in an instruction like that.
If you want to perform both operation in the case the "Add" key is pressed, you need to do this:

If WinExists("[TITLE:D1.txt - Notepad]") Or WinExists("[TITLE:D2.txt - Notepad]") Then
  If _IsPressed("6B") Then
         WinActivate ("[TITLE:D1.txt - Notepad]")
         WinActivate ("[TITLE:D2.txt - Notepad]")

That's the way you have to do this :)

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