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The offset from GMT-UTC in standard format

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The script shows the offset from GMT-UTC in standard format through string manipulation.

#include <Date.au3>

ConsoleWrite (_TimeZoneInfo() & @CRLF)

Func _TimeZoneInfo()
    $aInfo = _Date_Time_GetTimeZoneInformation()
    ConsoleWrite("bias: " & $aInfo[1] & @CRLF)
    $hours = $aInfo[1] / 60
    If $hours = "0" Then
        $hours = "+00:00"
        If StringInStr($hours, "-") Then
            $hours = StringReplace($hours, "-", "+")
            $hours = "-" & $hours
        If Not StringInStr($hours, ".") Then $hours = $hours & ":00"
        $hours = StringReplace($hours, ".5", ":30")
        $hours = StringReplace($hours, ".75", ":45")
        If StringLen($hours) = 5 Then $hours = StringLeft($hours, 1) & "0" & StringRight($hours, 4)
    Return ($aInfo[2] & " (GMT" & $hours & ")")
EndFunc   ;==>_TimeZoneInfo


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      to retrieve the "MILLISECONDS" as well I modified some lines from "DATE.AU3".
      It's working fine, except that the function seems to return the UTC time stamp of the file checked?
      _NowCalc is returning local time (DST is active right now), so a direct "Age Check" against _NowCalc() is not possible.
      What's the best / safest approach to convert either UTC to "current local time incuding DST" or vice versa? _Date_Time_GetTimeZoneInformation() ???
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      Hi Gurus,

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