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Click List of Coords Randomly [Should be easy]

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First let me say I am used to programming in Java but learning AutoIt so far has been a blast!

My Problem:

I have a list of coordinates, for argument sake lets say they are as follows:

Coord1 is  (100,100)

Coord2 is (200,200)

Coord3 is  (300,300)

  • I want to click all three of these coordinates with Mouseclick func.
  • I want the order of the clicks to be random...For example

First loop through it clicks: 1, 3, 2

Second loop through it clicks: 3, 1, 2

Third loop through it clicks: 2, 1, 3

and so on and so on.


Any leads, hints, tips, and pointers would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!



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#include <Array.au3>
Local $a[3][2] = [[100,100],[200,200],[300,300]]

While True
    $aTemp = $a
    While UBound($aTemp)
        $iRandom = Random(0,UBound($aTemp)-1,1)
        ConsoleWrite($iRandom & @CRLF)


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As you progress with AutoIt, I would suggest moving soon from inconsistent methods like mouseclicks to using controlclick. That way, it doesn't matter if the window is visible or not, or where on the screen the control is.

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In short, there are several ways to automate a window.

You can do it via mouse clicks, which is the "immediate" and easiest method, but, not the best one, since, if the window moves, or another window appears, or any other message which "interferes" with you script, your script will fail.

To avoid all of these, there are Control* functions ( you can take a look in the Help file about those ), which let you use directly the titles, handles, classnames... of the windows/controls you are automating, making things "easier", since, even if your window moves, or lost focus, you can set in with Win* functions, to let your script work at its best.

Then, to work with controls, there are a tons of functions which will let you click, send, set data... almost every control in your window.

To get the titles, handles, and all of the information needed to automate your windows/controls, there's a tool which comes with AutoIt, called AutoItWindowInfoTool; open it, and have fun!

And then, in some other special cases, when you are not able to use Control* functions to automate you windows, there is another one "tool" which is called UIAutomation. Take a look in the forum, especially the post of @junkew, which made a very good explanation of UIAutomation, and when it should be used.

Hope I made you things a little bit clearer now :)


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