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Split Text file by InvoiceNo

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Good morning :)


I need you  help / advise. I got a flat CSV invoice file like:


17146330|PRODUCT A|Description|29.30
17146330|PRODUCT B|Description|50.30
17147635|PRODUCT B|Description|50.30
17147635|PRODUCT C|Description|100.00
17147698|PRODUCT D|Description|50.00
17147887|PRODUCT C|Description|100.00
17147887|PRODUCT D|Description|50.00
17149649|PRODUCT A|Description|29.30
17149649|PRODUCT A|Description|29.30

For each Invoice No i need a new CSV file - Do you have any idea how this might work?


Thanks for helping !




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If the invoice is added at the end of the file, you could store somewhere the number of rows stored in the file, and with a timer, you could check if there are more rows than there were, your file has been updated.

This is a solution of many :)

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You just need something like:

#include <Array.au3>
#include <File.au3>

Global $sTargetDir = @ScriptDir & "\Invoices"
    If FileExists($sTargetDir) = 0 Then DirCreate($sTargetDir)
Global $sSource = @ScriptDir & "\Flat.csv"
Global $aSource
_FileReadToArray($sSource, $aSource, 1, "|")
    If @error Then Exit
For $i = 1 To $aSource[0][0]
    FileWrite($sTargetDir & "\" & $aSource[$i][0] & ".csv", _ArrayToString($aSource, ",", $i, $i) & @CRLF)


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