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program keeps looping when i type in or

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while $charcnt < 40

if $selectedflag[$charcnt] = 18 or 21 then

end if 

$charcnt = $charcnt + 1


so i tried this  or 21 in my program to see if 2 numbers can run the same program it worked it ran when i typed in 18 and 21 the problem is that it keeps looping when i key it as 21

any ideas on what i am doing wrong or is this a bad usage of the function and how do i make it so 2 numbers run the same program.

thank you in advance as i am very new to programming.


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The Or statement needs "something" to compare with, so:

If $selectedflag[$charcnt] = 18 Or $selectedflag[$charcnt] = 21 Then
    ; Do whatever you want

Little tips!
You can short this

$charcnt = $charcnt + 1

like this

$charcnt += 1


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