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Help Parsing Spaces from cmdline parameters

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I found the below code on the forum a while back when searching around. I have a script that uses the below code that when the compiled script runs with the /Name= switch is reads the part after the = in order to get the value and set the value as $var or in the below case $GetCMDLineValue. It works great if there is no spaces in the value specified. Normally I would put quotes around the value and off it goes but no matter how I format it I only gets the leftside of the first space. There may be a metter way of doing this but this is what I came up with so far based on what I read and found!

How can I make it so I can pass /Name="This is a Value" and have $GetCMDLineValue get set as "This is a Value"?

$GetCmdLine = $CmdLineRaw
$GetCmdLine1 = '/Name='
Global $GetCmdLineValue = StringMid($GetCmdLine, (StringInStr($GetCmdLine, $GetCmdLine1) + StringLen($GetCmdLine1) + 0), StringInStr($GetCmdLine, " ", 0, 1, StringInStr($GetCmdLine, $GetCmdLine1) + StringLen($GetCmdLine1)) - (StringInStr($GetCmdLine, $GetCmdLine1) + StringLen($GetCmdLine1)))

Thanks in advance,


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You can use StringRegExp too :)

#include <Array.au3>
#include <StringCostants.au3>

Global $strString = '/CmdLine1=Value1 ' & _
                    '/CmdLine2=Value with spaces ' & _
                    '/CmdLine3="Value with double quotes"' & _
                    '/CmdLine4="C:\Users\SomeUser" /CmdLine5s=', _
       $strPattern = '(?:\/[^=]+=)([^\/]+)', _

$arrResult = StringRegExp($strString, $strPattern, $STR_REGEXPARRAYGLOBALMATCH)



(?:): non-capturing group. Everything is inside these group won't be "captured";
\/: Literally the character slash. It needs to be escaped, so the backslash character is used to escape it;
[^=]+: Everything that is not an equal symbol, with the quantifier 1 or more;
=: Literally the equal sign;
([^\/]+): capturing group. Everything that is not a slash, with the quantifier 1 or more.


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You could just use $CmdLineRaw to get the whole, then divide that up yourself using StringSplit etc, if you know what to separate on.

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