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Unable to decode jpg stored as base64

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I'm running a HttpPost script from our website to download photos.

The problem I am running into is that I can't get the .jpg images to load correctly.

The error message I receive is: It looks like we don't support this file format.

I've tried using the _base64.au3 file with no success. Example: $sDecode = _Base64Decode($sResponse); Response is specific image results

If anyone would be able to assist, I would greatly appreciate it.

Attached are:

HTTP Post.txt (All data from the website)

Image code.txt (A specific image results. This is what I am using to decode).

Thank You

HTTP Post Results.txt Image code.txt

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Would you mind posting that solution?  I would be interested to take a look, I have not used that before.

EDIT: I found certutil and can get it to work on my data - but not the sample you provided or slices of your full file.  Did you use different data or certain parameters?

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