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Get URL from Chrome Window

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I have AutoHotkey set to run a vbscript file on a hotkey. The script is as follows:

Set aut = CreateObject("AutoItX3.Control")
aut.AutoItSetOption "WinTitleMatchMode",2

list = aut.WinList("Google Chrome","")

if ubound(list,2) = 1 Then

    title = list(0,1) : Wscript.Echo title

    aut.WinActivate title,""
    aut.WinWaitActive title,"",5
    aut.Send "{!}d",0
    aut.Sleep 100
    aut.Send "{^}c",0
    url = aut.clipget : Wscript.Echo url

    Wscript.Echo "Chrome not active"

end if

The value of `title` indicates that the correct window is being identified. I would expect the first `send` (alt-d) to select the text in the address bar and the second `send` (ctrl-c) to copy that text to the clipboard. It does not do that and I have no idea why. What gets displayed is whatever was in the clipboard (if anything) prior to running the script. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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