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WinActivate will not work

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I am having the hardest time getting a window to activate. When I troubleshoot I get the right title but there appears to be no active window immediately following the WinActivate.

MsgBox(0, "", $hWnd) ;Used to immediately pass on the title to ensure it is correct

Using this line I am getting the correct Title as if it were copy and pasted. However the window will not activate, so I used WinGetTitle to check the active window and it is blank as if nothing is active.

I am obtaining the Title via:

Func checkproc()
    $winproc = WinGetProcess("[CLASS:Chrome_WidgetWin_1]")
    Global $hWnd = _GetWinTitleFromProcName($winproc)
    MsgBox(1, "", "Process ID is: " & $winproc & @CRLF & "Window Title is: " & $hWnd)
    If $hWnd = "" Then
        If @Compiled = 1 Then
            Run( FileGetShortName(@ScriptFullPath))
            Run( FileGetShortName(@AutoItExe) & " " & FileGetShortName(@ScriptFullPath))

Func _GetWinTitleFromProcName($s_ProcName)
    $pid = ProcessExists($s_ProcName)
    $a_list = WinList()
    For $i = 1 To $a_list[0][0]
        If $a_list[$i][0] <> "" Then
            $pid2 = WinGetProcess($a_list[$i][0])
            If $pid = $pid2 Then Return $a_list[$i][0]
EndFunc   ;==>_GetWinTitleFromProcName

I'm guessing this can't really even be solved because to my understanding there is no issues with the syntax... I have never had an issue with this. The only clue I can pass on is that WinGetTitle returns a blank value.

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The handle you get is most likely the handle of a child window and not the main window. Try to find the parent window with _WinAPI_GetAncestor() and activate that.

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