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Stop Script Inside For...Next Loop

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Hi there,


I'm very new at scripting and I have a problem. I use these extremely simple lines to exhibit and print images from SAP. However I did not manage to find a solution to make it stop before the end, could someone help? Thanks in advance.

OBS: Since I'm using the company pc, I haven't the permission to install anything, I'm running the zip version of AutoIT.


For $i = 1 to 600 ; I print several images a day

Sleep (300)
BlockInput (1) ; Block Use Input
Sleep (1000)
Send("{F3}") ; This activates the hotkey from PrintKey 
Sleep (250)
MouseClickDrag ( "left" ,353 ,197 ,672 ,437 ,0 )
Sleep (400)
BlockInput (0) ; Unblock Use Input


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If you see in the example provided by the Help file about HotKeySet(), you'll see that the fuction is set before all the functions (in most cases), so, put it before the For...Next loop in your script :)

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It's not meant to break the script. It's meant to send your keys more reliably. Send() only works on the active window. It is better coding practice. 

HotKetSet() with a exit function will break the loop. 

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")

Func Terminate()
    Exit 0



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