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[SOLVED] How do I limit my _OL_ItemFind to just the inbox emails and not include ones in the inbox's sub-folders?

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Here is my code: Currently it finds all the unread, subject restricted emails in the inbox and its subfolders. (finds 15 when it should only find 4)

$aItems = _OL_ItemFind($oOutlook, $mFolder[1], $olMail, "[UnRead]=True", "Subject", "Maintenance Request", "EntryID,Subject", "", 1)

I want to find the emails in the inbox but I don't want to include the emails from the inbox's sub-folders. 

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RTFM... $iFlags has the option "1: Subfolders will be included" if you use 0, 2, 4, or 6 as the flag, they won't be searched

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