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Koda Freezes when Generate Code is pressed - (Moved)

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Hello eveyone,

I installed the latest version of Autoit (x86 - for greater compatibility) and SciTE.

Every time I want to generate the GUI code designed in Koda, the program freezes (only Koda, not SciTE).

Have you ever had this problem? Do you know how to fix it?


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Hello Zadna,

I share a file ".kxf" that I have done quickly, so you can see if the same thing happens to you.

The problem is that the freezing happens to me with any Koda file.

And if that were not enough, it also happens every time I want to access to Options...

I think it is an error of the program itself, not of the file.



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v1.7.3 is part of the SciTE4AutoIt3 installer afaik. Let me know if not so I can update it.


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  • 9 months later...

Sorry (not sorry) for refloating this. 

Today this has started happening to me. No changes in my windows 7 Pro nor in the antivirus (in fact, autoit scripts run fine). But Koda fails to work. "Generate code", "Generation options", even the regular configuration, all of them have same effect: Koda windows/forms being edited lose the focus, and nothing happens until you kill the process. It happens always, no matter the script you came from (even from pure new script, and even directly calling KODA from commandline without any parameter: FD); it happens always, no matter the form you have (even the default one when it opens, touch nothing, just generate)


Downloaded latest version (SAME already installed), same behaviour.


Opened a VM with old XP, copied latest koda folder as is, and it works. Well , it cannot run form, because autoit not installed on that VM, but code generation works.


So my guess was problem is in windows, but IDK where.


Kepts searching forums and so on... seen this:

Yes. The problem is the popup windows open out of screen AND they have no button in taskbar, so you don't think they're there. 

F10, down arrow, select "MOVE" from the popup menu, try to use cursor keys (seems to do nothing, but do it), then move mouse and you will see the screen, click mouse to have window on place. 

Stangely, it oesn't remember window position afterwards, need to repeat everytime. 

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found solution...
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