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KODA Parser : Easy GUI creation by direct .kxf file read


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DEPRECATED: see this new UDF



Here is a function that parses .kxf (KODA Form) file and directly generates the GUI for your program.

For now, it is beta (buggy and incomplete).

Supported controls: label, button, input, edit, checkbox, radio, list, combo, group, pic, icon, dummy, controlGroup, slider, progress, date, monthCal, treeView (no items), listView (no items), tab/tabSheet, menus (main, popup)

Supported options: font, colors (text and background), cursor, hint (tool tip), visible, enable/disable, checked/unchecked, resizing

TODO and bugs:

  • GUI size bug
  • Other controls (image list, IP, tool bar, status bar, tray menu, avi, up-down, graphics, COM object (really useful?))
  • Hotkeys (accelerators)
  • KXF text encoding problem



Update (30/10/2019):

  • To have a correctly sized GUI, you must manually pass it's size to the function (get the right GUI size from KODA generated code)
  • Workarround for text encoding problem: kxf file is read as ANSI before being loaded by XMLDOM

Update (05/12/2019):

  • Added ability to specify parent GUI (parent GUI set in KODA is now ignored)
  • Added helper functions to: set accelerators, get GUI handle, get control ID/handle, set/get user variables
  • Fixed TabSheet control ID not set
  • Fixed control resizing not set

Update (12/12/2019):

  • Fixe window visiblity control

Update (17/12/2019):

  • Control groups acces: Added ability to directly acces child controls of: Group, ControlGroup, Tab and TabSheet (functions _KODAForm_CtrlChildrenXXX)
  • Script Breaking: renamed _KODAForm_GetItem and _KODAForm_SetItem to _KODAForm_GetUserData and _KODAFOrm_SetUserData. UserData are now isolated from other GUI controls in the $oForm object
  • Also: some minor internal tweaks in object items naming



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  • matwachich changed the title to KODA Parser : Easy GUI creation by direct .kxf file read


Let's see a standard workflow for developping a GUI application using KODA:

  • You create your GUI with KODA
  • You export and past the GUI creation code onto your script
  • You Run, it works
  • You (I) many times need to make some manual tweaks on the KODA generated code, and I forget (or cannot) mirror these modifications on KODA
  • After that, I need to modify the GUI, so I do it on KODA, repeat steps 1 and 2, but here, the manual modifications are lost! And you need to redo them

With this function:

  • You create your GUI with KODA
  • Embeed the .kxf file with your script
  • And every time you modifiy your GUI on KODA, you don't have to touch/modify your script!
  • Also, your custom modifications are done after calling the function, so you don't loose them or need to redo them
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