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    • By remoras
      Hello community I just started to read the Powershell in a month of lunches book, I want to learn Powershell and make Gui's to execute Powershell scripts, I know that AutoIt is capable for a lot of things included Gui's, My question is how to start my journey, I have no prior programming experience, should I learn only powershell first and then jump to AutoIt, and are there any books for AutoIt, and more important where can I find a Gui builder for AutoIt, I read somewhere for KODA but I can't find it.  
      Any help/advice will be much appreciated.
    • By TheDcoder
      I am relatively new to the world of Microsoft Office and the Excel UDF.
      I am trying to loop through every row in a spreadsheet and get the text/values from each column in the given row... so far I have looked into the Help file for the Excel UDF and the wiki page for Excel UDF but I have no idea about how this is done ... This is all I have in my script:
      Global $oExcel = _Excel_Open(False, False, False, False, True) Global Const $sSpreadsheet = @ScriptDir & '\data.xlsx' Global $oSpreadsheet = _Excel_BookOpen($oExcel, $sSpreadsheet, True, False) ; ... I am placing my bet on the _Excel_Range functions... especially _Excel_RangeRead. I don't know how $vRange works so I would be glad if someone can point me in the right direction . What I would ideally like is to get all of the contents of the spreadsheet (it's just a normal text one) in a 2D array.
      Thanks in Advance!
    • By Lyee
      Hey guys,
      Need copy number from source there:
      < div class = "big-number ng-binding" ng - bind = "test.currentAnswer" > 2501 < /div > I did my code here:
      Local $Input = _IETagNameGetCollection($_HB, "div") For $i2 In $Input If $i2.classname == "big-number ng-binding" Then $Number = _StringBetween($Input, ' < div class = "big-number ng-binding" ng - bind = "test.currentAnswer" > ', ' < /div >') EndIf Next But it doesnt work and now I dont know how to copy thit string maybe _IEAction($Number,"copy") actuly dont know yet
      Thanks for help anyone.
    • By ruslanas402
      Why doesn't print the output??

      #include <String.au3> Global $x = 'gdsgklj fsdl dasfgh fsfef ghterfsd kia gdfhgfgdsgklj fsdl dasfgh fsfef' $z = _StringBetween($x, 'fsdl', 'kia') ConsoleWrite($z & @CRLF)
      Shouldn't it be
      dasfgh fsfef ghterfsd   instead of nothing?
    • By TheDcoder
      I am trying to call my first DLL function but it won't work , I am trying to call GetFinalPathNameByHandle
      $sFile = @DesktopDir & '\Test.txt' $hFile = FileOpen($sFile) $sFilePath = "" DllCall("Kernel32.dll", "STR", "GetFinalPathNameByHandle", "HANDLE", $hFile, "sz*", $sFilePath) MsgBox(0, 0, @error)Thanks in Advance, TD
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