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Hi, I wish to use the UDF quickPDF in my script to generate/save a file in pdf format. i never used UDF and do not have a clue how to make use of the UDF. i visited the link https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/Adding_UDFs_to_AutoIt_and_SciTE and all i could gather is that i need a folder outside autoit installtion to protect overwriting of the files. i downloaded the UDF quickpdf and it came with 10.au3 files. Now, i linked this folder to scite editor. How do i use these UDF now? What should i mention to include in my script and also wher e do i get information on the syntax ? thanks 

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Here you can find more on how to include an UDF in your script; for the second question, you may want to take a look at the UDF thread (if present), or just open the UDF (Edit the script) to see which functions are defined, which, in most of the cases, have a brief comments section where you can find what the function does, and so on :)

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