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UDF JsonVar - convert a variable (also all array types) to json or back while preserv variable type


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Hi all, I wasnt active in this Forum forum for Years.Ā šŸ˜…

Since I need something with Json in AutoIt i write a little UDF to save a variable to file to read it with another language - and back. After a while until my other script grows i thought - lets integrate all variables wich isĀ possible, because i want have arrays to.

This is my first public UDF in Autoit - normaly my AutoIt scripts are quick an dirty.... - like the examples for this udf. - someone want to write nice examples?

I tried to write this UDF properly, cared for processingĀ speed, low mem consumption as possible, a short code, and a high usability without beeing very familiar with arrays.

What is it for? -Ā convert nearly all types of variables to a json string for saving it in a file or to an ini. Read it back in to a same formatedĀ variable and preserv variable types. All array types are supported with nested arrays,Ā the only restriction isĀ ram and array/stringsize - and time if the array is very big. You can use Filters for variable types and some other options.

If anyone found a bug orĀ any suggestions, please post it.


get Json.au3 from hereĀ Json.au3



JsonVar 2019.01.25.1.zip

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