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_FileListToArrayRec Wildcard Masks

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Is it possible with _FileListToArrayRec to create a mask like this:
(name)(space)(unknown sequence number)(space)(filetype)

For example with regexp it'd be like this:

Global $Name = "Lorem ipsum5 (dolor) s[it] a_met"
Global $FileType = "(.psd|.ai|.blend)"

Global $Pattern = "^((" & $Name & ")" & "(\h)(\d+)(\h)" & $FileType & ")$"



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It seems it's not possible with _FileListToArrayRec to use a regex in the mask parameter.

You can do it in two times :

1 - Get the list of files $array = _FileListToArrayRec($PATH, "*.ai;*.psd;*.blend")

2 - A loop from 1 to $array[0] which checks if the pattern matches with each file name and build the array that you want

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