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Send autoit not working


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Hi Team, 

I am trying to send credentials via autoit on a web app launched via IE. I am passing the credentials into variables and trying to send them send("$username") but username field isn't getting populated. But the password field, I can send the credential, also when I try ieformsetvalue and set the username wrt username field fetched, it's getting send but my login button remains greyed out. 

Can angularjs keydown function interfere in the autoit send process and not allow the credentials passed if it's not typed out? This is a general question to understand if javascript or angular js etc could detect if the credentials are automated, then it might not detect it as a keydown? 

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Hi @Danp2

i had used  

 _IEFormElementSetValue($email_field, $username)
  _IEFormElementSetValue($pass_field, $password)


and it is passing as well, but the login button, doesnt become active, even though the input is already sent for the login fields.

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oh sorry, this is  beyondtrust appliance , that we do operational task on, so its just https://<IP> ,


The below is what is seen in the login button


 <bt-button mutable-label="standard.translations.Login" class="login ng-isolate-scope disabled" type="filled" enter-key="standard.submit()" ng-click="standard.submit()" progress-bar="standard.service().standardProgressBarState" is-disabled="(!standard.username || !standard.password)" tabindex="-1"><!-- ngIf: button.progressBar != undefined --><div ng-if="button.progressBar != undefined" class="progress-bg ng-scope ng-hide" ng-show="button.progress.show" style="margin-top:-4px;">


and sending with send() works now but need to work with _IEFormElementSetValue.


attached is the username field details seen.




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