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DllStructEx - Extended DllStruct for AutoIt3

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Ever needed C style nested structs, unions or easy pointer references in your DllStruct?

Then this may be your solution!

It also comes with some quality of life functions for better debugging, like being able to get the original string you used when creating the struct.

Download: v1.0.1 or DllstructEx.au3


#include "DllStructEx.au3"

"WORD  EventType;"& _
"union {"& _
"    KEY_EVENT_RECORD          KeyEvent;"& _
"    MOUSE_EVENT_RECORD        MouseEvent;"& _
"    WINDOW_BUFFER_SIZE_RECORD WindowBufferSizeEvent;"& _
"    MENU_EVENT_RECORD         MenuEvent;"& _
"    FOCUS_EVENT_RECORD        FocusEvent;"& _
"} Event;"

"BOOL  bKeyDown;"& _
"WORD  wRepeatCount;"& _
"WORD  wVirtualKeyCode;"& _
"WORD  wVirtualScanCode;"& _
"union {"& _
"  WCHAR UnicodeChar;"& _
"  CHAR  AsciiChar;"& _
"} uChar;"& _
"DWORD dwControlKeyState;"

"COORD dwMousePosition;" & _
"DWORD dwButtonState;" & _
"DWORD dwControlKeyState;" & _
"DWORD dwEventFlags;"

$tagCOORD = _
"SHORT X;"& _

"COORD dwSize;"

"UINT dwCommandId;"

"BOOL bSetFocus;"

$oINPUT_RECORD = DllStructExCreate($tagINPUT_RECORD)
$oINPUT_RECORD.EventType = 0x0010 ;FOCUS_EVENT
$oINPUT_RECORD.Event.FocusEvent.bSetFocus = 1

Note: the example will be updated to show it working with the ReadConsoleInput and WriteConsoleInput soon.

For debugging, DllStructEx.debug.dll can be used, and feedback for missing debug features is welcome :)

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Getting an error when executing Example.au3:

DllStructEx\Example.au3" (55) : ==> The requested action with this object has failed.:
$tKEY_EVENT_RECORD = DllStructExGetStruct($txINPUT_RECORD.Event.KeyEvent)


Interesting approach.

Please don't send me any personal message and ask for support! I will not reply!

Selection of finest graphical examples at Codepen.io

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36 minutes ago, UEZ said:

Getting an error when executing Example.au3

Hi @UEZ :)

Sorry it was a mistake on my part, not running my example code before release 😖

It should be fixed in version 1.0.1

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