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How to pull data from Clipboard to run command?


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So I use this line to clean up some image:

Local $Magick = 'magick convert "C:\Users\ME\Desktop\Captcha Image\image.png" -fuzz 12% -fill white +opaque "#f07848" image1.png"'
RunWait(@ComSpec & " /c " & $Magick)

I would like to make it so that this bit "f07848" is pulled from the clipboard.

How can I do it?


p.s I am googling for a solution, I don't just ask and expect to be given the answer. But I'm not very good with coding in AutoIT or otherwise, so I ask here in case I fail to find a solution, or just to get the solution faster

Thanks :)

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@Scorpys AND @Luke94

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