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Need help compiling file


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Hi @Erich17,

there are dependencies needed to compile (build) this program. You basically can not compile it if you don't have the necessary *.au3 files.

(710,10) : error: can't open include file <btdt_functs-1_v420.au3>.
(715,10) : error: can't open include file <btdt_functs-2_v420.au3>.
  • Do you know the author(s) of the program?
  • What do you want to achieve? Maybe it's easier to rewrite the program (depending on your expectations).
  • All comments are in german => are you a german native speaker? If so, I suggest to ask for help in the german AutoIt Community.
  • Please provide more information overall. Then it maybe could be that you will receive more help 😅 .

Best regards

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Stay innovative!


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as what @SOLVE-SMART say's


your missing this au3:btdt_functs-1_v420.au3

the output:

C:\Users\ad77\Downloads\bt-dispatch-tool_v420.au3 (710) : ==> Error opening the file.: 
#include <btdt_functs-1_v420.au3>



 if the file btdt_functs-1_v420.au3 is located at:C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\Include then you can use:#include <btdt_functs-1_v420.au3>

else if file au3 located at Current Directory use:#include "btdt_functs-1_v420.au3"

iam ِAutoit programmer.

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everything you want.

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