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Displaying Coordinates from WinGetPos()

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Hi all,

First time posting here. I will make a handful of these questions here as I walk through my first AutoIt scripts.

I am attempting to read the contents of the array after running WinGetPos().

Run("C:\Windows\explorer.exe /n, /e, C:\Users\Username\Music\")
Local $windowSize = WinGetPos("[ACTIVE]")
$coordinateMessage = "X: " + $windowSize[0] + ", Y: " + $windowSize[1] + ", width: " + $windowSize[2] + ", height: " + $windowSize[3]
MsgBox(0, "Current Window Coordinates", $coordinateMessage)
; MouseClickDrag("left", )

The message box does not preserve the string inside of $coordinateMessage.

It simply says the message box title and an integer. The last one only said "1946" and nothing else.

Perhaps I have used MsgBox() incorrectly.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Hopefully this is super easy for somebody to figure out my newbie mistake. ūüėú

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18 minutes ago, Gianni said:

use the "&" for strings concatenation not "+"


@etidd : ... and you can use underscore  _  for multiline concatenation. Example :

Local $sMainStr
Local $sStr1 = "Happy ", $sStr2 = "New ", $sStr3 = "Year"

; & for concatenation (one line) :
$sMainStr = $sStr1 & $sStr2 & $sStr3
ConsoleWrite($sMainStr & @CRLF)

; & _ for multiline concatenation :
$sMainStr = $sStr1 & _
            $sStr2 & _
ConsoleWrite($sMainStr & @CRLF)



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Great replies, all.

I learned a lot including the use of underscores for multiline concatenation.

The reason the message was originally producing an integer was because the + signs were causing an addition operation of each index in the array.

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19 hours ago, etidd said:

I am attempting to read the contents of the array after running WinGetPos().

If you're just wanting to see what the array contains as part of your development process while you're writing or debugging a script, have a look at the _ArrayDisplay UDF (user-defined function).

For example:

#include <Array.au3>

Local $windowSize = WinGetPos("[ACTIVE]")
_ArrayDisplay($windowSize, "Current Window Coordinates")

By the way,


really doesn't do anything since you're asking AutoIt to wait for the currently active window to become active. So there's nothing to wait for. It's like saying 'wait until 1 equals 1.' It's always immediately true and therefore is meaningless.

If you want it to actually wait for a specific window to become active, you need to specify what window by passing either the Title and Text of the window, the window handle, or else using the advanced method for identifying the window.

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