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Will AutoIt eventually have its own ML/NLP related libraries?

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These days I find myself constantly moving back and forth between python and Autoit - - a pity, really, because AutoIt doesn't lack any features as a language, but python just happens to have the libraries I need (SpaCY etc). I've seen some examples of using machine learning and natural language processing, for example:



But most of the examples are 8-10 years old. I'm curious if anyone here is actively using AutoIt for NLP or any other ML/statistical purposes.

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My E4A matrix computing environment provides extensive support for simple and advanced statistics.

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As much of ML has to do with identification/classification, check out the LDA Tutorial in particular (NB this is in a different section of the online Help from the function description + example),

Re.neural networks (as I understand it :baby:), most of it concerns forward and backward propagation of relative weightings of partial-aggregate connectivity matrices, that is, repeated fast matrix multiplication (of weighting adjustments), which is what Eigen was written for in the first place. E4A combines that performance (via dll calls with negligible overhead) with the ease of coding in AutoIt.

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