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How to get Toggle Only to run when while the the QCDM is open

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I have excatly 2 months of experience in AUTIOIT and I am learning when you think have everything you need you quickly learn you don't.  I have been working on this project that has a small gui that has 5 buttons  one button will open a web page, one closes the web page, one opens and excel file, one to close the excel file, and the final button exits the GUI.  I don't really want to post my entire code because I am learning as I go and I would rather figure out the small errors out on my own.

When I first started working in AutoIT I asked question about a toggle feature and someone helped with the code.  I still want to use the toggle feature

My Goal is when I CLICK close the QCDM I want the toggle feature to stop.  I can't figure out how to do that.  Any help would be nice.


Button to Open a the webpage and to toggle

;button to open QCDM
Case $idButton_QCDM

;Calls webpage


Web page will close properly but the "Toggle" is still running

;Closes Chrome
Case $idButton_CLOSEQCDM
;Closes Chrome

WinClose("Amazon.com. Spend less. Smile more. - Google Chrome","")

My Function to open chrome

Func openScreen()
    ;max size of window @sw_maxmimize

    WinSetState("Musical Instruments For Sale - New & Used Music Gear | Reverb - Google Chrome", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

    ;sleeps for 3 seconds
    Sleep (3000)

    AdlibRegister("toggle", 3000)


This is my Toggle Function

Func Toggle() ;==>Toggle between web pages
        ConsoleWrite('@@ (8) :(' & @MIN & ':' & @SEC & ') Toggle()' & @CR) ;### Trace Function
        Static $bFirst = True


                    If $bFirst Then


                    $bFirst = Not $bFirst


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